Is not just another party band

it’s a full


Is not just another party band – it’s a full experience! MIX DRIVE MACHINE is a dynamic and energetic live band that features some of the region’s most talented singers and musicians together on-stage. This band takes the audience on a musical journey every time they take the stage. With over 15 years of experience, members of MDM have performed with or for numerous recording artists.

What We Offer


Equipped with an extensive song list, MDM plays everything from Rock, Pop, Country, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Motown to current hits you know and love. A typical performance includes over 50 to 100 songs, often played back-to-back, either as a 3-hour continuous performance with no breaks, or as a combination of live band, DJ and set breaks as requested to fit the flow of the event.

See Us Perform

Prospective clients are urged to attend a Mix Drive Machine showcase. These live performance events demonstrate the skill, energy, and versatility of our musicians. Showcases also provide an opportunity to speak directly with producers about questions or concerns.

Upcoming Events

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